Be a Goal Digger

fly on my own
learn to use public transportation
study abroad
visit all 50 states
visit all 7 continents
go on a road trip with my best friends
swim in every ocean
visit the places on my wanderlust list
(Greece, Italy, Ireland, England, Australia, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Bora Bora, Fiji, New Zealand, Bali)

send my mother flowers sporadically
call my grandparents once a week just because
spend a day giving out random compliments
raise $5,000 for a charity

be able to run 2 miles
lose 20 pounds
come up with easy healthy go-to meals
feel confident in whatever I’m wearing
gain strength and muscle

write a cookbook
cut processed food from my diet for a month
eat vegan for a whole week
find a signature recipe
have a dinner party

graduate college with a minimum of a 3.5
find a job I love
get married
become a mom
own a house
celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
write a book

learn how to play guitar
learn how to play piano
become fluent in Spanish