GYST DAYS: Getting Your Sh*t Together

Happy Sunday, friends!! I recently came across this on Pinterest and loved it so much I had to write about it. I have been doing something similar to this for a while now just without the creative acronym. As I am getting ready to go back to college this is exactly what I need. A “GYST” day can be described as one day in which you completely devote yourself to everything you have been putting off until now whether that is cleaning, taking care of yourself, getting in some extra work, or setting some goals. This list will be great for me as I move into my apartment in the next few weeks. You can do this whenever you want to but I always feel like Sundays are the best days as you can get everything ready for the week ahead. This way you have a clean slate and are ready to conquer the new week head on with nothing to worry about. I have always considered myself an organized person but even I do have things that slip through the cracks and need to be done. Hopefully you can customize this list to fit your needs and it will help you accomplish everything you need to get done and get back on track so you can be your best self.



1. CHORES    2. BEAUTY    3. GOALS

Step One: Chores

organize items    clear clutter    wash bedding    clean out fridge

 sweep & mop   clean windows    water plants    make grocery list

garbage & recycle    clean bathrooms    dust     dishes    laundry    mirrors    vacuum

Step Two: Beauty

Hair             Skin             Nails             Extra

wash hair        get new razors        trim nails          whiten teeth

                                   hair mask    shave/moisturize      cut cuticles           self tan

                                  treatments         body lotion             file nails              wash brushes

                                   comb out           exfoliate                  clean nails            organize makeup

                                    blow dry           face/eye mask          paint nails

Step Three: Goal Setting

Set monthly & yearly goals

Set & establish long-term goals if you haven’t already

Plan out overdue tasks

Fill out planner or agenda for the week

Make an inspiration board or goal lists

Organize goals into week

Plan monthly budget

Plan week’s meal prep

Leftover work, homework, uncompleted tasks from the week

Final Step: RELAX

xoxo Anna









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